Hydroflow DPF Cleaning

So lets begin by explaining what makes this the class leading treatment when dealing with a blocked dpf.

Since introducing this fantastic service we have developed a strategy that has allowed us to recover blocked Dpf filters.

So what does recover mean ?

These are Dpf filters that are so blocked that they have been condemned by a main dealer of garage because they are no longer able to regenerate the dpf filter. We are able to recover these dpf filters by carefully targeting the blocked filter with the introduction of HHO gas ( a form of hydrogen gas) and pull their soot levels down to a level where the vehicles engine management system can maintain the filter through its normal regenerating events.

Sounds Simple Enough ?

What the video at the end of this page – 80% of our customers have had similar experiences – taking there vehicles to this garage, that main dealer, paid for this service and that fix only to have the same issue.

The thing that you must take into account is that Dpf filters collect soot and effectively block however there is a limit at which point the vehicles regeneration sequence kicks in HOWEVER this assumes that all the necessary sensors are functioning correctly along with other important ancillaries.

So I need a proper detailed evaluation first ?

In a word YES