We recovery blocked Dpfs that others would replace of remove.

Replacement is expensive to say the least with sensors which break when removed often taking costs to well over £2000 before a spanner is even applied !

Removal previously a solution for Dpf issues stopped being viable following the revised mot being introduced this May.

The question to be considered is this – do you think that when you have removed your Dpf and then hold your throttle to the floor at maximum revs there will be NO smoke ? Nothing at all !

Because that’s precisely what will need to happen for your vehicle to pass.


Advisories are being replaced with minor fails. These are all pre written & approved by DVSA. You will still get a pass but they will be noted on your test certificate. Manual advisories are still being worked out but may disappear completely.

Any modifications/removal to emissions related devices, this includes DPF’S and EGR’s is now a major fail.

Where a DPF canister has clearly been cut open and re-welded, it will now fail.

A vehicle fitted with a DPF that emits any kind of visible smoke during the metered test will now fail !

Emissions limits for diesels registered on or after 1st of January 2014 have been reduced.

All diesels will now need to pass the limit that was set by the manufacturer when the car was new. This can be found on the VIN plate. For example the current limit for your diesel car may be 1.50. That could change to as low as 0.30 with the new rules.

These are just some of the bigger changes to the MOT test the average motorist is likely to be affected by. There are dozens, perhaps even over 100 changes to the actual MOT test and to the way testers record tests on the MOT computer. Please remember these are all subject to change in the coming months.